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  • Cookies used: Own and third parties
  • ¿Are they used to obtain statistics? Yes, being the legal base our legitime interest to reach a better management of our service.
  • Third party services setting cookies throughout this website: Google Analytics and WordPress.

How to set and turn off cookies

You can allow, block, or erase all cookies installed in your device through your web browser. If you refuse the installation of cookies on your device, your web-browsing experience might not be the best. Here under you can find how to set all cookies on each browser:


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1.- Types and usability

The service uses own cookies and third parties to improve the web-browsing experience, be able to provide the service and obtain statistics from the usability of the homepage.

2.- ¿What is a cookie and which is it’s functionality?

A cookie is a file text that it’s sent to your computer’s browser, mobile or tablet and it is useful for storage and recovering data from the browser done. For example, keep your username and password or your profile preferences.

3.- Types of cookies

It depends on who manage them:

  • Own cookies: they are send to your browser from our web teams and domains
  • Third parties cookies: they are send to your browser by a team or domain which is not managed directly by us. That is to say, a third party as it could be for example Google.

Depending on their active period of time, you can find:

  • Session cookies: they remain in the cookie file of your browser until you leave the homepage, in a way such that none will remain in your device.
  • Persistent cookies: remain in your device and our homepage will read them every time you visit us. This type of cookies expire passed a period of time.

Eventually, and depending on the main purpose, we have:

  • Tech cookies; improve browsing experience and proper operation of the website.
  • Customization cookies; allow access to the service with predefined features depending on a set of criteria.
  • Analytics cookies: allow to statistically measure and analyze the use of the service provided.

Cookies used by Enkewa:

Name Soul e Purpose Type Expiration
_ga .enkewa.com Analytical (performance) In-house 2 years
_gid .enkewa.com Analytical (funcionality) In-house 1 day
_fbp .enkewa.com Analytical (funcionality) In-house 3 months
_gat_UA-98871985-1 .enkewa.com Analytical (performance) In-house Log in


List of third parties cookies used by Enkewa:

Google Analytics: their cookies (for example _ga) enables to post the number of times a user has visited a website, when, how and where.

Nevertheless, you can disable Google Analytics cookies here


WordPress: their cookies ( for example _icl_current_language) enable the proper website disposition. They help to adjust the language and provide to the user all the necessary tools for a proper browse.


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