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Enkewa safari
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Enkewa camp safari


Our privileged location inside the National Reserve together with our philosophy of tracking and searching for our own wildlife sightings far from the transited areas, makes the Enkewa safari experience amongst the best in the Masai Mara.

We are located in superb big5 country with access to 4 different lion prides within minutes from camp as well as the best leopard territory inside the reserve. The Black rhino density in our area is the highest in the entire Masai Mara-Serengeti Eco-System.

For centuries the Masai tribe has learned to coexist with its surroundings and its wildlife and our experienced and skilled Masai spotters –trackers- will read all signs in order to find the best opportunities to observe the wildlife of the African savanna.

Our custom built 4×4 vehicles allow us to access the most remote places where we avoid the more crowded routes of the Mara as well as to enjoy privacy during our safaris